Epoka University partner of the Model Economic Forum

February 7th, 2013

Epoka University partner of the Model Economic Forum

Epoka University partner of the Model Economic Forum

Faculty of Economic and Administrative Sciences is one of the main partners of Model Economic Forum, which will take place in Istanbul, on 1-3 March 2013. Model Economic Forum is the platform of young graduates and undergraduates students worldwide gathered to have their say about the issues of their generation. About 13 new researchers and students from Epoka University will attend at Model Economic Forum. It is THE FIRST IN ITS FIELD, UNIVERSAL and YOUTH ORIENTED. Held on 1-3 MARCH, the forum will take place in the most inspiring city of all: ISTANBUL. It is an organization of ULIDER & IRECO collaboration (International Relations and Economics Association). MEF is designed to reach national universities across Turkey. Founded by ITU students, ULIDER is focused on conferences about international relations and economics with youth's point of view.



Model Economic Forum with the vision of economic forum for youth to model a sustainable future is an independent youth organization which aims to provide platform of dialogue for young people from ALL around the world. We are not simulating what's been done before. Model Economic Forum has a unique content and structure to promote a platform for youth to have their say about issues of their generation. In this meeting in Istanbul, we'll have sessions and workshops on youth related issues and we'll be able to meet world's leaders.



Model Economic Forum is a platform for young people where they can share their ideas on issues that affect them directly/indirectly. Thus we will have debates on youth policies, education, energy security human rights (this year's human rights topic is Arab Spring) as well in order to gain wider perspective.



The theme of the forum is youth entrepreneurship. During Model Economic Forum, the challenges that stay between youth and entrepreneurship will be addressed and some sub topics that is related to theme such as social entrepreneurship, challenges for future's woman entrepreneurs, implementing sense of entrepreneurship in education systems etc. will be discussed.



Model Economic Forum is an interaction point that will gather around hundreds of passionate university students together to talk about issues of their generation. It is abundantly clear that entrepreneurship is important for economic growth, productivity, innovation and employment, and many OECD countries have made entrepreneurship an explicit policy priority. As globalization reshapes the international economic landscape and technological change creates greater uncertainty in the world economy, entrepreneurship is believed to offer ways to help to meet new economic, social and environmental challenges.



You have four ways to take action in order for making use of this valuable organization.


1. Take your seat as a CONTRIBUTOR

2. Take your seat as a PARTICIPANT

3. Watch the Forum live stream on this site

4. Be in touch with the Model Economic Forum Community in real time through the hashtag #MEF13

Also, follow our social accounts to hear news about the Forum and to attend our surprise competitions that will be organized via the Forum's social accounts during February and the three days of the Forum.



There are two types of application: Contributor and Participant.


A Contributor will have the chance of

1. Speaking to the audience at the sessions

2. Participating in other sessions via questions

3. Participating in the workshops

4. Attending the cultural activities

5. Meeting the leaders

6. Being a member of the great MEF network

7. Being a writer of the Youth Development Report


A Participant will have the chance of

1. Participating in sessions via questions

2. Participating in the workshops

3. Attending the cultural activities

4. Meeting the leaders

5. Being a member of the great MEF network

6. Being a writer of the Youth Development Report


Contributor Selection

Note that there will be 40 contributors at 8 sessions. These contributors will be selected among the contributor applicants according to their statement of purpose in the application form.


Application Fee

Application fee is €100. This fee covers your accommodation, participating in sessions and workshops, opening cocktail, participating in cultural activities, lunches, reception, cultural activities. You need to cover your own travel expenses.



Erinda IMERAJ (eimeraj@epoka.edu.al