FEAS organizes two international competition 2013

March 5th, 2013

FEAS organizes two international competition 2013

FEAS organizes two international competition 2013

“You weren’t born to follow, you aren’t sure if you were born to lead, but certainly you were born to fight through intellectual and knowledge ways to win your future”. Under this aim the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences organizes “Dream Business” and “International Contest of Social Sciences” competitions as an opportunity to lance future generation’s skills in Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro and Macedonia.

“Dream Business” is an international competition exclusively focused on innovation and entrepreneurship and aspires to challenge students by creating the most innovative business models related to the innovation and technology, business plan, new branding idea, green economics, women leaders, creation of a new industry, franchising, entrepreneurship and growth, corporate social responsibility & ethics and e-business topics. The competition language is English and it is open to all 11th and 12th grade students.

The “International Contest of Social Sciences” is a cultural and traditional challenge that is based on a quickly and critically thinking and aims at evaluating the level of knowledge for all 12th grade students. This competition is a chance for the young generation to measure their creativity among other national schools.

The most successful students for each competition will be awarded scholarships by Epoka University for Business Administration, International Marketing and Logistic, Political Science and International Relations study programs and other gifts.



Dream Business Competition

01.02.2013 – 19.04.2013                  Application period (Call for projects)

02.05.2013                                           Announcement of 10 best projects                 

06.05.2013                                           Competition (Project presentation)

For more information please click at www.epoka.edu.al/dreambusiness or you may send your projects to dreambusiness@epoka.edu.al


International Contest of Social Sciences Competition

Date:                     13 April 2013

Time:                    10:00

Location:              Epoka University

For more information please click at www.epoka.edu.al/icss or contact us via icss@epoka.edu.al


Contact person:

Mrs. Sonila Gruda

Tel: +355 42 232 086/ (internal 1636)