A Group of Students Visited “Orphans” of the Shkodra

May 22nd, 2013

A Group of Students Visited “Orphans” of the Shkodra

A Group of Students Visited “Orphans” of the Shkodra

The “Volunteer Foundation” Club of Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences last week organized “a food kermes” for orphans in the university premises and collected 20 000 lek. Most of the foods prepared by the members of the v-found.

With  cash contributions students on behalf of the Epoka University visited the orphan house, and  presented new washing machine-33 000 lek- to the orphans.

Our students and  43 orphans, between 06-14 ages, had been together and exchange not only the words but also love.

School manager showed warm welcome and expressed his deep respect to the Epoka University students for their compassion and sincere love to the orphans.

It was a timely visit since the following day was the “day of the  orphans” in the Albania. majority of the orphans were the childeren of the seperated or alcholic parents.

It is the lessons learned from the history of the civilizations that “un attanded un protected orphans and poors would be one of the main cause of the  nation’s instability, conflicts and unrest”.

The v-found club periodicaly will do its mission towards the orphans of the Albania and Kosova.