Another Event was organized by V-Fund for Orphans

January 16th, 2014

Another Event was organized by V-Fund for Orphans

Another Event was organized by V-Fund for Orphans

This time, V-FUND club knocked at the door of three orphan girls living in misery alone with their mother. Their situation is difficult to explain, except that there is a house with minimum conditions for living, they had virtually no source of cash income, but need to wait when someone will call their mother some day to clean the house and to give a ridiculous amount of money. To keep warm, they use an old wood stove, which the girls were obliged to provide this wood by them self near the river that had taken the life of their father.

V-fund club tried to help the girls with foods like:

Oil, sugar, variety of pasta, variety of rice, flour, beans, salt, tomato sauce, variety of fruit juice, and since the year end holidays were approaching we sent them candy and dessert.

For girls we sent clothes collected from members of the v-fund club and school supplies such as:

Bags, pencils, pens, vozore, tires, notebooks, colored pencils.

Dear friends of Epoka University, for a very small ancillary reason, a smile that takes from the needy, for more from an orphan, gives a sensation without permeable, so come and open your arms to a needy, to an orphan, and you will understand that at that moment the world is yours, and the heart enlarge from that feeling, that only your benevolent chest can withstand.