Faculty academicians and students participated at International Turgut Özal Congress on Business, Economics and Political Science

November 6th, 2013

Faculty academicians and student participated at International Turgut Özal Congress on Business, Economics and Political Science, which was held in Ankara, Turkey between 1-3 November 2013, by Turgut Özal University in collaboration with Epoka University and seven other universities from four continents.

PHD candidates and academics, the applications were classified and then accepted, Epoka participants had the great possibility to be part of it. Representatives of Epoka University had the chance to present their scientific papers successfully by impressing the organizers with their high level education that Epoka is delivering to its students. Epoka University was represented in Ankara with a delegation of Professors, academics and hardworking students. Giving them the opportunity to share experiences, meet energetic-visionary students, pioneering lecturers, pioneering participants from different cultures who came together with the same purpose to diversify their knowledge and expand their horizon.

This Event was a source of unique contribution to improvement of career for Epoka students and a very big motivation to work forward for our academics. Opening speeches, sessions and workshops were all organized in very delicate and the best way to make participants have a precious time and gain unforgettable time full of information that will be useful in the future. Morning speeches gave participants general information for Economy, politics and business from important professors including the Governor of Central Bank of Turkey Mr.Erdem Basci. Then the sessions were divided in smaller groups of Economics Track, Business Track, Political Track which were held all in English and Turgut Ozal Sessions which were in Turkish. In third day of the Conference to have a very impressive closing also for us Prof.Dr. Ismail Soygenis was invited to give a speech with its gaining’s from the conference.