Head of Marketing Department in Conad Company visited Marketing Class

May 23rd, 2013

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences underlined once more the importance of the practical side of each concept the students provide during the theoretical lessons. Based on this movement the Head of Marketing Department in the Conad Company, Mr. Laert Dogjani joined Marketing classes on Monday 20.05.13. The professor of this course Mr. Yuksel Koksal, Professor in Business Administration Department invited him to provide more information about the real marketing experiences.

Conad is an Italian retail store brand which operates one of the largest supermarket chains in Italy. Created in 1962, Conad is a cooperative system of entrepreneurs, dealing in large-scale distribution. It is structured on three levels: entrepreneur members, cooperatives, and the national consortium. As of 2005, Conad operates nearly 2,850 shops and employs almost 35,200 people.

Mr. Dogjani congratulated Epoka University for these movements and shared with the students many daily ongoing techniques. He stated that in their marketing, they are exchanging real relationships with real people. Conad builds real relationships between people who discover a common connection through their product.