Open Forum, Nora Malaj: What does success mean for a woman?

November 20th, 2013

Women's Leadership Club organized an open forum with the topic “What does success mean for a woman?” where the invited speaker was the Vice-Minister of Education and Sports, Mrs. Nora Malaj. She spoke about her personal life experiences and her career path. According to Mrs. Malaj, “to be a successful woman, the one has to think and to decide like a man, but to behave like a woman”.

Another important issue was that she mentioned was her support and courage given to the other women toward their development and success but without being feminist. Mrs. Malaj emphasized that Albanian women are adorable and strong because they have encounter a lot of difficulties to be successful as a result of political, economical and social changes they have been part of.

At the end of the open forum, students were too enthusiastic and motivated by her speech and the two books she donated to the library of Epoka University. After her speech she was invited at the Rector' office where they discussed Epoka's improvements and success over these years. Mrs. Malaj was really surprised by the student's initiative to invite her and she congratulated a lot "Women's Leadership Club". She left promising us that she will be back again at our future activities.