The board of judges for the “Dream Business Competition

May 7th, 2013

The board of judges for the “Dream Business Competition

The board of judges for the “Dream Business Competition

On May 7, 2013 the board of judges for the “Dream Business Competition” gathered to vote each presented project. There were 72 requests to become part of the “1st International Dream Business Competition”. “Dream Business” competition is organized among high school students, as an international competition exclusively focused on innovation and entrepreneurship. The members of the board of judges were: The Head of Business Administration Department Assist. Prof. Dr. Mustafa Üç and two Professors in this department, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ali Ihsan Özdemir and Assist. Prof. Dr. Yüksel Köksal . The jury nominated best 10 projects by comparing their innovative aspects, the application opportunities and the market need. The best projects will be participating on the next stage of the competition by presenting their proposals. On the final phase many prizes and scholarships will be given.


1st project: %75 scholarship

2nd project: %50 scholarship

3rd project: %25 scholarship

Scholarships are available only for Business Administration and International Marketing and Logistic study programs.

The final stage will be held on 13th of May, 2013 at 10:00 a.m. in campus of Epoka University.