Welcome message to newly enrolled PhD students

December 12th, 2017

Welcome message to newly enrolled PhD students

Welcome message to newly enrolled PhD students

On November 3rd 2017, the Council of Professors of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences convened the first meeting to open the new 2017-2018 academic year at Epoka University premises. The Council of Professors which is composed of long experienced members in their fields, discussed new PhD applicants at our programs and they have decided based on the proposal of respective Scientific Committee of the Departments to accept the below mentioned students:


1-      Sonila Cela (PhD in Business Administration)

2-      Sejdi Hoxha (PhD in Business Administration)


3-      Fatih Mehmet Karakuş (PhD in Economics, Economics profile)

4-      Kriselda Sulçaj (PhD in Economics, Banking and  Finance profile)

5-      Hakan Yozgatlı (PhD in Economics, Economics profile)

6-      Flamur Keqa (PhD in Economics, Banking and Finance profile)

7-      Fatbardha Morina (PhD in Economics, Banking and Finance profile)

8-      Arjona Çela (PhD in Economics, Economics profile)


We would like to shortly present their personal feelings on the decision why they selected Epoka University for their doctorate studies:


Sonila Cela (PhD in Business Administration):

After a long experience in the job market, in the telecommunication sector, I decided to follow my objectives, to make a shift to academia with the ambition of contributing to both universities and the research area in Albania. The major reason, of course, is the contribution to the education of the youth by combining university knowledge with the practical experience. I have touched the education quality of Epoka University during my master studies in 2009-2010 and since then I have been thinking about the Ph.D. Studies. The education quality, the collaboration with many international educational institutions makes Epoka a good choice for completing my intentions. The English education language facilitates the access in the international environment of research, science, and academia. Being an institution that does not compromise quality in every aspect, makes Epoka the sole institution in Albania which contributes directly to the research and innovation for the well-being of citizens and society. Therefore, I am very satisfied and happy to be part of this mission.


Kriselda Sulcaj (PhD in Economics, Economics profile):

Being very passionate and dedicated to science and knowledge, reflected on the results and the path of experience followed so far, decision of having a Doctorate of Philosophy must be of the kind of ID, reflecting and representing you on the best manner possible.  Conditioned by the complexity and the importance of such a decision, Epoka was the solution regarding Albania and beyond it, on the region. The main point I want to emphasize is the incomparable access to resources, including human capital, library, networks, participation in different projects, the quality of the professors, etc. Particularly important in the academic job market is the reputation, regarding to which we may define as the highest in the region, based on this, Epoka was a choice because of its wide acceptability on the Albanian market and everywhere abroad


Arjona Çela (PhD in Economics, Banking and Finance profile)

I own a Bachelor Degree in Economics in Eskisehir Osmangazi University in Turkey and a Master of Science also in Economics at University of Tirana. After finishing two years of university in Turkey I was awarded a scholarship by Erasmus Exchange Program and had the opportunity to study 2 semesters in Finland at Laurea University of Applied Sciences. Being part of academia and contributing in the field of Economics has always been my goal; therefore, I was looking for an opportunity to somehow engage in this environment. Epoka is one of the best Universities in Albania which offers qualitative PhD study programs in English. Studying in an international environment have made me realize how important is being able learn and transmit your knowledge to an international audience. The PhD program in Economics at Epoka gives you the opportunity to possess excellent skills and knowledge for research work and other position in Albania and international business and organization. Epoka university doctoral degrees are of a high quality and enjoy international recognition. After I read carefully the curriculum and the course requirements of the PhD program in Economics, I realized that this program at Epoka University perfectly matches my research interests and profile and they will provide me with the necessary theoretical and empirical background to conduct qualitative studies in Economics.   


We welcome new PhD students at our Epoka family and wish to all of them a successful and productive academic year.