theme-img-mobile Strategic Plan of the Faculty (2018-2022)




  1. Mission: The mission of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences consists of three interrelated components: 1. providing greater educational opportunities for our undergraduate and graduate students through highest quality instruction and relevant curricula; 2. engaging in academic research, findings and delivering recent knowledge; 3. participating in the service activities of our professional communities.
  2. Context: The context of the drafting of the Strategic Plan is based on the framework of conducting of the Institutional Review (re-accreditation) of Epoka University and based on the provision of the Law no. 80/2015 “On Higher Education and Scientific Research in Higher Education in the Republic of Albania.” The main challenges of offering qualitative education nowadays will remain the rapid changes of technological developments and hiring qualified staff members in order to achieve challenging academic and professional targets.
  3. Vision: The vision of the Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences is to be recognized as a leading faculty in the Balkan region that develops solutions for pressing economic and business problems.
  4. Sources: Always, the faculty keeps in mind the need for enriching its qualified and experienced staff. This helps our objective on increasing the quality of teaching and having high research outcomes. The faculty is committed to encouraging the exchange of diverse ideas and perspectives. Currently, there is created an environment with international faculty members from countries all over the world. The ratio of international full-time teaching staff members goes up to 50% of the overall list of lecturers. At the same time, the need for providing up-to-date and necessary learning infrastructure is among our objectives

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